About me

About me

Handmade in Belgium


Andron Leather is a young company located in Belgium, founded in October 2017. Starting from my own experience into leather restraints, collars and other related items, I am convinced it was time for something new: personalized & handmade premium quality leather products, made for you. As I design and produce every product

my own, I can guarantee a high quality finish.

Personal Touch


Andron Leather stands for Premium quality with a personal touch. All items can be tailormade and sizes adapted at your wish, so my products will fit perfectly. A lot of my products can be personalized by using specials coulours or adding embroidery, so you can impress with gear with your own name on...

Don't hestitate to request for it.

Premium Quality


Andron Leather chooses the finest quality premium leather and select its suppliers with care. The result is a high quality product with a long life span.

BANK transfer

Liersesteenweg 7, 2221 Booischot, Belgium

BE 0681.899.607

Deutsche Bank: BE86-6108-1598-9050 SWIFT: DEUTBEBE


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